Any businessperson knows that one of the most challenging aspects of running a business in California is keeping up with employment law compliance.  Despite what many new business owners think, simply agreeing with your employees about how they will work and how they will be paid is not enough.  Both Federal and California law dictate a lot of the ways in which you must interact with your employees from terms of pay to scheduling hours and breaks.  These laws are complex and, in many instances, ignore the realities of running a profitable business.  Even worse, the cost of failure to comply with these laws can create bone-crushing losses that can wipe out the profits that you have accumulated over years of hard work.

Bruce Kerr can leverage his years of experience dealing with these complex laws for a large nationwide retailer to help you stay out of trouble.  Call Bruce if you need help with:

  • Employment Policies
  • Wage & Hour Law Compliance
  • Meal and Rest Break Issues
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Discipline/Termination


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