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Most businesses could benefit greatly by paying closer attention to contracts.  Even a small business enters into dozens of contracts every year whether they are traditional paper contracts or the terms and conditions of an app that the business uses.  All these contracts can either be favorable or unfavorable to one side or the other.   A good contract can clarify expectations between you and your customers.  It can also help you to come out on top if you get into a dispute with a customer or vendor.  Most businesses don’t realize how much their contracts can help or hurt them until they are in the middle of a dispute.  Then the money saved by using a form from the internet suddenly proves to be a bad decision.

Bruce Kerr has extensive experience negotiating both simple and complex contracts for nationwide businesses.  He knows how to balance the benefits of a good contract with the budget of a growing business.  Contact Bruce for help with:

  • Creation of Form Contracts for your customers
  • Creation or review of major contracts with your vendors
  • Construction Contracts
  • Promissory Notes/Security Agreements
  • Software Development Contracts
  • Business Sale/Purchase Contracts


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